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Impact First Social Housing

A permanent and affordable solution to the UK’s housing crisis from a Award Winning Social Enterprise which puts assets in the hands of the impact makers, prioritising impact and viability over profit.

Impact First Social Housing

It's Time For:
Social Housing Developer
  • The list of people who need your help is growing. 

  • You want to accelerate the delivery of great homes for your most vulnerable people without resorting to long leases or selling public assets.

  • You want to eliminate the list.

We Understand

  • We bring a unique blend of 20 years of social sector experience, 40 years of property and construction experience and lived experience of homelessness.

  • We have a non-negotiable “Impact First” approach, putting those in housing need first so they are empowered.

  • We create psychologically informed environments (or, as we like to call them, homes) which go on caring for their residents.

We Care

Temporary Accommodation Solution
  • Focusing on addressing the unmet housing need unique to your area  

  • Delivering viable homes and raising the bar for social housing quality

  • Ensure our homes are fundable and sustainable for the long term

We Have Answers

Impact Nights Under Contract


Pre-Construction Homes


Impact Bed Nights Delivered


We believe in a world where everyone deserves a great place to call home and in sustainable, self-reliant communities.

There is enough money. 
There is enough land.
There is enough demand. 

And there are phenomenal support charities in the UK to remedy this situation.


We help pull all these threads together to create high-quality and affordable social housing.  The homes stay in the public or charitable sectors without the need for punitive leases or other extractive structures.

Cornerstone Place has a proven IMPACT delivery model and an 8-point Guarantee to get you there.

But There Is A Solution

Homelessness Accommodation

What Makes Us Unique?

Housing for Charities

Our purpose is to help Local Authorities, charities and Registered Providers unlock additional ethical and sustainable social housing.  We put the assets in the hands of the impact makers.

Impact Focused Social

Our goal is to support our partners to deliver decades of social impact and support to their local community with every project we are involved in.  This is only possible if the financial modelling which underpins the project is robust thorough and transparent.  We aim to provide our partners with all the information required for informed, balanced decision-making. 

Bank-Grade Due

Sustainable Housing Solution

Using property as the asset class, Cornerstone Place has completely re-engineered the principles of the private sector to maximise sustainable social impact rather than maximise financial returns.

Private Sector Strategies
Repurposed For Impact

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