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Social Housing Developer

Do you want to increase the availability of high-quality housing in your area while maintaining control of how that housing is utilised?

Council Houses. Reinvented.

Benefits Of Our Approach

  • Costs for Temporary Accommodation no longer come from the General Fund and instead be serviceable through eligible rents, and potentially fully rebated from the Central Government.

  • Carbon net zero in operation social homes owned by the LA or local charity / Registered Provider.

  • Unmet housing needs to be addressed transforming redundant sites into long-term social value.

  • A raised bar for what is acceptable as homes for everyone in society.  

Impact First Social Housing
  • Additional capacity.  We work as the ‘conductor of the orchestra’ for our professional funding and delivery teams and our supply chain which means we can scale as needed.

  • We work in full partnership, with total transparency on all costs, budgets, reports, timelines and more.

  • Scale from delivering from a pilot project, to multiple and larger sites as the needs and opportunities for impact emerge.

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