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Cornerstone Place is Now Officially an Award-Winning Social Enterprise!

Last Thursday we won ‘Social Enterprise Investment Deal Of The Year’ alongside the funder for our project in Rochdale, Social and Sustainable Capital at the UK Social Enterprise Awards at the Roundhouse in London. Thanks to Jorge Llorens and his partner Nicola Benjamin for representing SASC!

The awards are hosted by national sector body Social Enterprise UK to recognise impact and innovation in purpose-led businesses across a range of 15 categories.

We were awarded for our project in partnership with Rochdale Borough Council where we are building 14 self-contained homes for people at risk of homelessness. When complete they will provide high quality, net zero homes which were unlocked by a £844K loan from SASC.

Richard said when accepting the award: “The truth is we would really rather not be accepting this award but sadly the need for what we will deliver here, Impact First Social Housing, is only growing. We exist to put assets in the hands of the impact makers and transfer wealth and power to the social sector.”

We hope this award will help us replicate this project across the country at a time of unprecedented need.

Peter Holbrook CBE, Chief Executive of Social Enterprise UK, said: “The winners include businesses which are breaking down barriers for groups marginalised in the workforce, organisations at the heart of local economies, and those finding innovative ways to tackle the climate crisis. The ever-growing movement of social enterprise truly represents business at its best. Congratulations to all of the winners and to Cornerstone Place for their award.”

We’d like to thank Peter and the whole of the Social Enterprise UK team for a fantastic evening and to Good Finance UK for sponsoring the award. Great to spend the evening with like-minded individuals striving for better.


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