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Launching the Future Economy Alliance

It was heartening to see influential people taking an interest in our sector at the House of Lords this morning – including cross-party MPs, national journalists and economic think-tanks – but publishing this report is just the start. We’re determined to make this a priority for the General Election and beyond. This month we’re also crowdfunding to create a unique creative campaign that will cut through the political noise with our bold message of change and hope. Will you help us?

Arvinda Gohil OBE, chair of the Future Economy Alliance, said: “Millions of us across the UK work in mission-led organisations that show the way to a stronger, fairer, greener economy. We just need those in power to unleash the full potential of our movement, so that this way of working becomes the national norm. With government and business working in partnership, we can build an economy where all of society profits.”

Richard Kennedy, co-founder of Cornerstone Place, said: “This cross-sector partnership is an ambitious project to make the voice of mission-led organisations heard in the halls of Westminster. It’s time for a new approach to drive a more inclusive and impactful economy to build resilience rather than dependency. We urge the next Government to join us around the table to kickstart bold reform which will deliver for generations to come.”

To build an economy that really works for our society, we need support from across that society. Please get involved with our campaign – donate if you can (, use the tools on the Alliance website to share it, and sign up to find out about events or actions in future.

Find out more about the Future Economy Alliance here:


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