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Cornerstone Place celebrates its 5th birthday!

On the 31st January 2019 our co-founders David and Richard set up Cornerstone Place to ‘put assets in the hands of the impact makers’ and we haven’t looked back.

After a slower than we had hoped start thanks to covid, we are now an award winning social enterprise with the privilege of working alongside impact focussed charities and local authorities across the UK.

  •  5 years of journeying with amazing people in frontline charities

  •  5 years of encountering ‘red tape’ barriers to getting homes to those in need

  •  5 years of working tirelessly to overcome those barriers and build developments for those same people

  •  5 years of witnessing the dedication of our support partners 

  •  5 years to deliver 11,000 ‘impact bed nights’ with 1.6 million IBN’s under contract.

There are sadly millions of people and families across the UK in housing need, but with plenty of non green-belt land available and billions of pounds of capital looking for a longer term and sustainable return, we are on a mission to match them up - ensuring everyone has a quality place to call home.

Cornerstone Place is just getting started!

Drop us a line if you want to find out more!


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